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Get in touch with
yourself, live your life, and
be prepared for your

By the exclusive, smart,   
and natural way
of NAOY.

We are a consultancy for

self-optimization and life enhancement.


1. Research

Current state of personal




  • Limit of performance

  • Level of optimization

  • Self-tracking


Analysis of biodata and extraction of DNA.

2. Analysis

Analysis of your current constitution and individual data with our smart NAOY formula and analysis technology.

3. Consulting


Consulting and coaching
to generate the best individual optimization strategy.

4. Creation

On the basis of your personal





  • Data

  • Aims

  • Capacities


exclusive individualized NAOY products will be created.

The linking of your individuality

and biology has the power to transform

your life quality.

NAOY Ambient


For a perfect ambience, the best nutrient supplement and exceptional feedback.


Exhale for

  • Detox

  • Supplimention

  • Balance



Your breath contains invaluable information about your personal well being. Therefore, your breath will be used to trigger a biochemical reaction within the bio-organisms contained in NAOY Ambient which will then provide you with your daily detox cocktail and nutrient jelly.


For your body and your skin with it´s individual needs.


Skin particle for

  • Muscle activity

  • Elasticity

  • Essential nutrients and vital substances

  • Protection

  • Care and cleaning


Incountable bacteria and microorganisms inhabit your skin. In combination with your individual ph-value and skin secretion these can be used as a valuable life enhancement ressource. Just apply your personal  skin secretion sample to the NAOY Care bio-organism and it will grow your personalized skin care product automatically.




NAOY Advisor


For the best support and advice in every situation of everyday life


Blood, split or a hair for

  • Digital Detox

  • Harmony

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Information scanning







Biochemical messengers called hormones in your blood, saliva, and hair reveal much about your personal state of stress. NAOY Advisor analyzes the adrenalin level in combination with all other hormones in your biodata and consequently filters your personal newsfeed, messenges, and information to provide you with the perfect digital reality required.



You feed your NAOY epidermal ecosystem with your personal biodata

and harvest your personalized life enhancement product

by yourself at home.

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