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NAOY values

your uniqueness,

your individuality and

your personal Data


What do you think



Is autonomous hyper individuality the future?



Or the heteronomous conformity?

Trust in the preciousness of your Data.



1A     Companies > NOAY: Commission & Personal Data (user data)

1B     User  > NAOY:  Bio-Data & Investment Costs (means monthly costs)

1C     Organizations > NAOY: Service Product & Hardwear

2A     NAOY > Companies: New Customers

2B     NAOY > User: Service & Hardware

2C     NAOY > Organizations: New Customers

3A    User > Companies: Investment Costs & Personal Data

3B    Companies > User: Products

3C    Organizations > User: Boni

3D    User >
Organizations: Personal Data

    To become a part of NAOY, please agree to our terms and conditions. For further information refer to our transparent business model.


  •  Become a member of the NAOY Family for only 89€ per month. No additional fees will be charged!



  • Financed through cooperations, NAOY guarantees the perfect self-optimization.

      NAOY cooperates with self-optimization and self-tracking companies and institutions that aim at perfect life enhancement products and take the view that the  

      well-being of their customers is top priority.












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